I had a great time yesterday [at the Deliverer Course], it was lovely to meet with others such as myself, have some laughs, share experiences, and it was good to meet you [the Project Manager Jen] too.

 “Soccer Mums” is a very worthwhile endeavour, and with all the remarkable effort that has been put into it already, I’m sure it will be a success. – Ewa, attended the Soccer Mums Deliverer Course, Monbulk Rangers SC – January 2018

Thanks for organizing, it’s a great thing you are doing.  I can really see the benefit.  Pre-kids I did a lot of classes and usually worked out with different friends, once you have kids it’s hard to be with other people.  I had convinced myself it’s easier to workout by myself.  But the truth is you don’t push yourself nearly as hard, many days you talk yourself out of it LOL, and when you do end up doing it.. it isn’t near as much fun as working out with others. – Sharon, Soccer Mum from Clifton Park, Brunswick – December 2017

Creates a new opportunity for physical activity and the attached health benefits which inspires further physical activity (e.g. Going outside to kick a ball after dinner with the kids). Encourages social connection and teamwork, with attached mental health benefits and provides a bit of a boost to the self-esteem. It provides a safe and healthy place to extend ourselves and take a risk here and there and offers a child friendly training and match atmosphere for those players who are the primary child carers during those times. Female only players and coach created a relaxed atmosphere for both the sport aspect and the social aspect and the focus on fun and participation rather than on expertise and winning matches creates an inclusive space which is very attractive to those of us who have never played before. Despite all the fun, we still learn the skill and the program is accessible, welcoming, entertaining and inspiring. My final thought is, chasing a ball around with a pack of likeminded women is fun…  Linda, Soccer Mum from both Knox Regional Football Centre and Clifton Park, Brunswick – December 2017

Fun and great for beginners like me. The organisers are fantastic, friendly and easy going. – Annie, Soccer Mum from Clifton Park, Brunswick – November 2017

The programme caters for everyone’s fitness level, there’s no judgement, you can run, jog or power walk it. It’s all about football and having fun learning about football the way it was always meant to be. With laughter in a safe and protected environment. – Sam Stallbaum, Soccer Mums Deliverer, Knox Regional Football Centre – November 2017